The Conversion Rate Of The South African Rand


The South African Rand is the currency of South Africa. It has been used by the people if Africa since it has become a republic in 1961 which used the British Pound Before it. Today, the rand notes that are official used by the country are the R200, R100, R50, and R10. If you take a look at the details of the bank notes, you will notice that it has the pictures of Africa's big five which is basically the five greatest animals in the country

The South African rand also has an R5 which basically comes in two versions.  The very forts version if it is the silver color which is the older version while the newer one is made up of silver and brass. If you will use these coins in a vending machine in the country, most of them would only accept the newer version. It is from the gold production site Witwatersrand where the name Rand originated. The rand is also the official bank notes of countries like Lesotho, Namibia, and Swaziland. Know more about conversion rates of ZAR to USD at .

Due to the number of different tourists visiting the country, the South African Rand has been developing since then over the past years. Due to the inflation, there has also been an increase in the prices in South Africa. But you can still buy brand name product in the country which is still cheaper than the price that you have back home. But the lower conversion rate of the South African rand is not a good news for people in the country who wants to go see the sights and sounds of other countries like the North America and Europe.

But it hasn't always been the scenario.  Way back in 1973, the South African Rand has been at its strongest. It has been higher than the US Dollar which rates at 1.49 per one US Dollar. This has been ongoing for the year 1982. People from South Africa during that time can go to the US and buy their favorite items as their currency is way stronger than that of the US. South Africans can enjoy the holidays as well as purchase luxury items in the US.  And the rest was juts history, the South African Rand has been taken over by the US dollar and the current conversion rate of one US Dollar as of the moment is equivalent to 13.56 and the Euros  is much higher at 14.50. Convert rand to dollar here!